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Wedding bands in Sussex

The wedding ceremony can be a very solemn occasion, but no one minds that as it is what many brides, grooms and guests expect. But they do not have to be and it is becoming more popular to have music in the background, particularly at civil ceremonies.  Not all wedding bands in Sussex can cope with this and are really only looking to play at the reception.

But what you could have is:

  • Pleasant soft music in the background of the ceremony
  • Something similar while your guests eat their meal
  • A live show for your entertainment

It is not being suggested that there is a CD player in the background, to fully appreciate the effort being made by the happy couple, all the music needs to be live.  String quartets are very popular for the background music of the ceremony and meal, and the live show can be whatever you want it to be.

Wedding bands in Sussex who are able to do everything

If you cannot find any wedding bands in Sussex who are able to provide all that you require, you may need to look a little further a field. This is easy enough to do with the Internet, and if they are a band worth having, they will perform all over the country, not just as wedding bands in Sussex.

The Sensation Band for instance, travel not just countrywide, but play all over Europe as well, that is how far their reputation for their excellent shows as spread.  It does not matter what type of event, what type of music or what type of venue you have, the Sensation Band are true professionals who will deliver   outstanding performances each and every time.

Consider the costs

Your wedding reception entertainment is a very important part of the day and should be given some priority when it comes to costs.  It is the one thing that affects everyone present.  If someone isn’t happy with the chosen meal, something else can be provided to eat, but you cannot have one person sitting in the corner listening to their own music if they don’t like the show, an attempt has to be made to please everyone.

When pricing wedding bands in Sussex, you need to make sure that the price you are quoted includes everything, not that there are additions along the way.  If the venue is not local, travel costs and may be food costs should be included, as should things like how many band members are to play, and how long for.

With the Sensation Band, this will all be discussed in fine detail, not just to arrive at the price, but also to plan your entertainment exactly as you want it.

At some point you will be asked to sign a contract, and this is really important.  This is done to protect you and the band and will include the payment schedule, specific requests you have made and all the other key pints of your event. Like any legal document, you should read it carefully before you sign, and tell the band if there is anything that you want changed.