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wedding bands uk

There are innumerable event and wedding bands UK wide, who offer their services around the country. The big question is, how do you chose the right one to make your big day special?

If you’re planning to get married in the near future, you could well have had the chance to see a band perform in recent weeks at a friend’s, workmate’s or family member’s wedding. You liked the music and atmosphere of the live band and maybe you got a promo card off them. But don’t be hasty. Take your time and shop around as there are some excellent wedding bands UK. Bands that may be more suited to your musical tastes and those of your guests.

Use the Internet to search wedding bands UK

Look around. Your Internet-connected computer or other device is a good place to start your search. There are loads of UK websites out there offering live wedding and private function bands. On the London-based Sensation Band site for example you’ll find quality information, images and videos of the band performing live, plus excellent testimonials from happy customers. The musicians in Sensation Band have individually worked sessions with some greats in the music business - Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse, Incognito. It’s all there in the site’s pages.

After having done your research on wedding bands UK, the advice is to narrow your choice down to just three. Make contact with them and note the quality of their response and ability to answer your questions fully. You'll then get a good take on who you’re dealing with based on their responses. Professionals will give you a prompt reply and have all the answers, one of which should be how their performance can be tailored to your needs in a friendly and efficient manner.

Questions you should be asking...

There are four important questions you should be asking yourself when hiring wedding bands UK. They are:

  1. Should I go through an agency rather than contact the band direct? It’s not recommended particularly. Remember, agents are businesses looking to make commissions - that’s on top of the band’s fee. So you’ll be paying for that. You may also be limited in band choice. A direct booking with a band however means you have contact with the band management rather than via a middleman, namely the agent.
  2. What about insurance? Some agents will tell you that they have public liability covered. More often than not this is simply not true. All bands must have their own individual insurance. Before any booking, check this with them.
  3. Can I expect to see the band before booking them? Well, just ask. They may have some public performances coming up that you could get to but you can’t expect or insist a band inviting you to see them at someone else’s wedding, for obvious reasons. How you would feel if strangers turned up to see a band you’d booked, asking questions? Arrange instead to meet the head band member. You should get a feel for his character and genuineness as well as that of his co-members.
  4. How much music will they perform and for how long? Well, normally wedding bands UK perform two sets at an event, each lasting 45 minutes. But as you’re paying for their services, you could request two one-hour sets or even three 40 minute ones. By experience, two sets are usually better because two hours of live music is normally enough.