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Wedding function band

What would you expect from a wedding function band that you hired for your special day?  Would you expect them:

  • To arrive at the venue at the same time as you and your guests and then keep you waiting while they set up their equipment
  • To have to keep stopping to adjust their sound equipment
  • To sing the same songs more than once because of their limited song list
  • To be a member short, who happens to be the drummer, because he was taken ill the day before
  • To forget the special songs you asked for until you reminded them
  • To not be able to cover requests from your guests
  • To generally not be of the standard they said they were, and what you expected for this your very special day

If this is how the wedding function band you hired behaved, then you would feel very disappointed and probably very angry as they could well have ruined your wedding reception.

How a wedding function band should behave

A wedding function band should behave the exact opposite of the above, they should:

  • Arrive at the venue well in advance of you and your guests so that by the time you get there, their equipment should be set up and they should be ready to start their show.
  • They should have carried out sound checks as part of the set up, and a really good wedding function band will have a sound engineer with them throughout the show to make sure that the sound quality is maintained the whole time.
  • Their song list should be huge, well over 200 songs would be ideal and then songs would only be repeated if it were requested.
  • They should have enough backup of professional, hand picked musicians and vocalists so that a member being taken ill is not a problem, except for the person that is ill of course.
  • The music at the event should be meticulously planned after discussions with you.  The first dance song and any other songs you particularly want, should all be included, without any reminders from you.
  • Unless it is some way out song that very few people have ever heard, they should be able to perform requests from your guests, and should be flexible enough to fit them in as part of the show.
  • The standard of performance should be of the highest quality, and should have all your guests on the dance floor.  Singing along with the music and joining in the fun will make the evening much more memorable for those you invited to your wedding reception.

Sounds like you need the Sensation Band

The Sensation Band is a group of extremely talented musicians and singers who all just love music.  Their one aim is to inject their energy and enthusiasm into their performance and to encourage the audience to join in.  They are very successful at achieving this, and if you hire them for your wedding reception, instead of having your day ruined, they will make it more special than ever.