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Wedding party band

Do you need a wedding party band, a band for your birthday, a show producing for an anniversary or corporate event?  Finding the right live music for whatever your function is a job that should not be undertaken lightly, as the performance given needs to be of an excellent quality if you want your guests to have fun, and to go home very happy with the evenings entertainment.

Book your wedding party band early

To make sure you get one of the best bands available, you need to book your wedding party band as early as you can.  Good bands are usually booked months in advance and if you leave it too late, the pick of the bunch will not be free for your date and you will have settle for second best. You should try to book your wedding party band at least six months before your wedding, longer if you can.

The same applies to anything else you need to book for your wedding, the best of all of the venues, the cars, the photographers and the caterers will all be spoken for if you leave it too late.

Know what you want

With everything you have to pre plan it helps if you know what you want.  Have a colour scheme in mind so that you can decorate the venue in the appropriate colours, and choose food that is simple and liked by most people.

With the music, choose the genre you are interested in, because when you speak to the Sensation band it will help to start the plans if they know what sort of music they will be playing.  Have the details of any specials songs to hand, because they will fit them in wherever you want them, quite often for the first dance.

Decide if you want just still photographs, or a video as well, so the photographer can plan his day as well.

Get quotes

The cost of a wedding can easily get out of hand if you let it.  Get quotes for everything, and if it all goes over budget, look where you can cut back a little to bring it back within budget.

Make sure the quotes include all that you have asked for so that you don’t get any nasty shocks along the way, and ask for clear payment schedules so you know exactly when you have to settle the accounts.

Make sure the quote is in writing; a verbal quote will mean nothing at all if they say they told you a lot more money than they did.

Read the contract very carefully

Most bands, venues etc. will want you to sign a contract of some sort.  Before you do, read it very carefully and make sure what it says, agrees with the quote and is what you have asked for.  If it is not, do not sign until it has been altered.  The contract is to protect you as much as the supplier, so it is really important that it is correct.