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Wedding reception bands

Wedding reception bands can be a lot of fun and really get everyone at your wedding on the dance floor enjoying themselves. That’s what they should be able to do, but how do you know they will be any good, and not leave all your guests sitting around staring at the floor or ceiling.

Once you have narrowed your search to just a few bands to look at closer, make the effort to check out their websites. Most bands will have audio tracks and videos of them performing live, and when you see those, it might rules some more out either because they are not a good enough quality, or just not what you are after for your wedding reception.

Look at the attire of wedding reception bands

The happy couple have generally spent many hours planning what they hope will be a perfect day for them.  Huge amounts of work can go into making sure colour schemes match, that the food will suit everyone and that the table decorations are as beautiful as they should be.  So visually everthing is wonderful, the last thing you need are one of the wedding reception bands you chose to appear on stage dressed totally inappropriately.

How the band presents themselves if very important.  If they cannot be bothered with their appearance, you have to ask yourself how bothered they will be about all the other aspects of your wedding reception entertainment.

Wedding reception bands should all be as good as the Sensation Band

If all wedding reception bands were as good as the Sensation Band, you would be able to pick anyone you liked and now they would present themselves well and put on a musical extravaganza to thrill your guests.

Obviously how they sound is very important as well, but sometimes a really good singers voice can be lost or ruined if the acoustics are not right, or their equipment is playing up.

That is exactly why the Sensation Band only uses the best sound equipment for their shows, and also have a professional sound engineer at every event. They will need access to your venue some hours before the reception starts. This will enable them to carry our sound checks, make sure all the equipment is working and give them time for some rehearsal on a stage that might be new to them.

The sound engineer will be present throughout the whole show to ensure that musically, it all runs to plan.

They are looking to make your special day even more so by the performance they provide, and whether you have agreed 2 one hour sets, or three slightly shorter ones, the band will be just as lively and vibrant at the end of the show as they were at the beginning.

They are after all, professional musicians and vocalists whose one aim in life is for everyone to enjoy the music.  They all love music and their enthusiasm can often be infectious, many past clients mention in reviews that not one guest stayed seated, they all joined in.