The Team

We are a group of like minded event professionals that share a passion for providing the very best service we can for our clients. We always go the extra mile, have a really strong work ethic, a principled set of values and a passion for doing things properly for our clients. Individually we all possess a totally unique set of professional skills and a specialisation. We work really closely to form a truly formidable team. Our creativity and vast pool of knowledge provides a perfectly consistent service that is unrivalled. Our clients reviews reflect how much they love their journey with us from the very first call right through to when they book their next event! We can't wait to hear from you!


Katie is the newest member of the Sensation Band team.

She is a music festival fanatic with a love for dance music. With her bachelors in event management, she brings knowledge and coordination to our clients' events.  

Loves:  Curry 

Hates: N/a


Molly is the bookings and events manager of the Sensation Band team. 

She always has a smile on her face, and her zest for life is infectious. With her Masters degree in Psychology, be careful what personal information you share with her...!

Loves: Her Mum's Cooking

Hates: Loud Crunching


Jason is the genius behind Sensation Band's music. 

A renowned music producer, keyboard player, and thoroughly lovely guy, Jason has played on all the World's biggest stages as keyboard player for Mark Ronson's band. 

His level of professionalism knows no bounds and he brings that to every aspect of our music. The results are there on every song we play.

Loves: musical perfection & schwarmas

Hates: Slow drivers


Richard co-founded Sensation Band with Jason back in 2012.

The idea was formed at around the time of his own wedding when he realised there wasn't a band made up of musicians from the highest level. Having grown up with Jason, and having a track record in successful businesses it was an obvious partnership.

Loves: Nandos & Go-Karts

Hates: Cringe


Our in house sound engineer Phil loves all things technical. 

Having graduated with a masters in acoustic engineering, nobody is better placed to realise the full potential of Sensation Band. 

Loves: tidy cables, buying sound equipment

Hates: sound limiters

Jason B

Our in house lighting and video guru.

Jason has years of experience with private events, and always delivers. His cool temperament whatever an event throws at him is the stuff of legends.

Loves: vmix and boot camp

Hates: new trainers