What We Do

We love a party. Playing music is what we live for and that always comes across at our events. We are totally dedicated to ensuring that the exceptional standard of our performance and the energy we put into every single event leaves guests with a lasting memory of your party.

Hours of work goes into every song we perform and into each and every event. Playing stunning renditions of all the biggest hits. Our covers range from the 60's all the way through to an extensive repertoire of the current big hits. The massive range of songs and the way we perfect every song guarantees to fill the dance floor every time.

We are a fully professional events band, so every detail has been thought about to ensure the perfect party. We only use the highest quality instruments and most reliable sound equipment available on the market. We always have a professional sound engineer with us to get the sound mixed perfectly and a live mix throughout the sets. Hear the difference for yourself...


For the most important and memorable day of a couple's life together. It needs to be romantic, meaningful, tasteful, elegant, unique and individual to the couple. Above all when it comes to celebrating there are times when a DJ or an average band just won't cut it. Any time you see an incredible live band at the top of their game you can't help but leave infected with the buzz. That's what we are about.

special celebrations

Birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, barmitzvahs, batmitzvahs, in fact any good excuse for a party.  We have a massive range of music which means you can tailor the playlist to fit in perfectly with what will get your guests dancing.

corporate events

Launch parties, summer parties, anniversary events, award ceremonies, team building events and much more. We have some really innovative ideas for corporate parties, including our 'Rock-a-oke' set - where the guests take to the stage and become the lead singer!

christmas parties

Sensation Band will transform your Christmas party from 'party' to 'PARTY'. Our mission is for every last person to be singing the classics at the top of their voices and dancing into the small hours. We always get re-booked every year for Christmas Parties... find out why.


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