band in London

As in the words of the song by 70’s rock and pop legends 10cc ‘Life is a minestrone, served up with parmesan cheese.’  Like food on a dish, it’s down to taste and presentation when it comes to a raving success with your own private event. None more so when your guests live in the diverse capital of the UK.

There’s just got to be hundreds if not thousands of wedding function and party bands available to choose from in London and its catchment area and any band in London worth finding will have its own website publicity. Just do a search on the Internet – the first step in getting the right live band for your wedding or party.

Priority matters to consider when booking

Of course, there are lots of things to think about beforehand and the sooner you start the better. There are priority matters to consider when booking a live band in London. For example, a wedding band in London may come up with a low quote but it may not include everything involved. Things like the PA systems and lighting gear could be charged as extras and it is up to you to ensure you get an ‘all in’ figure to work with budget-wise.

Travel expenses to the wedding hall could be another thing to watch. For example, the band may advertise as a “wedding band in London” but they may be based in Brighton, on the south coast. Can they adequately perform your song and provide a romantically powerful number for the bride and groom’s first dance to delight the guests. Folk can get let down badly on their big day by not checking all the details before signing a hire contract for a band in London. Just be thorough from the start to ensure your peace of mind.

Performance and satisfaction from a wedding band in London

Top performance and satisfaction is assured when it comes a wedding band in London like the capital’s own SensationBand. This line-up of musicians and vocal talent has accompanied top names on the UK music scene – stars like Lily Allen, the late Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, Tao Cruz, Incognito, as well as a host of others who have in their careers performed on the global stage. The energy and extensive talents of SensationBand have placed them in much demand on the wedding band in London circuit.

But remember, the more you review bands in your search the closer you’ll get to exactly what you need. Many bands cater to a specific genre, like Jazz, Funk and Soul music and a certain length of time for sets, like an hour and a half performance split 45 minutes each way of a break. You need to check the details of the whole wedding package on offer before signing on the dotted line for your band in London.

Be careful with high quotes

Be wary of cheap prices from a band promising something special. It may only be a starter quote rather than all inclusive or, well, they’re probably not in a position to anything special. Limited songs, limited gear. But also be careful with exceptionally high quotes because they could be adding in what should be optional extras as standard. Effectively services that you don’t really need. If in doubt about anything use the AC rule – Ask and Clarify.