Wedding Ceremony

We specialise in delivering the ceremony you and your partner have always dreamed of. Wedding ceremonies form the most moving and emotional part of your wedding day, and we are here to help you get it exactly how you want. Create a magical atmosphere for you and your guests that you will cherish and remember forever.

Below are a number of most popular options:

  • Acoustic Band (Singer, Keys, Guitar, Percussion)
  • String Quartet
  • Jazz Trio
  • Klezmer Trio (Violin, Keys, Flute)

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If you want us to put something totally unique together for you, then you are in the right place!

Songbird, Eva Cassidy version. Wedding Ceremony.


Sensation Bands sublime vocalist accompanied by grand piano, guitar, percussion and sax.


There are a few distinct parts to the wedding ceremony that benefit from exceptional music. These vary with different religions, but we are able to cater for most religious ceremonies.

  • Guests arrival - we provide music in the ceremony room as guests arrive and take their seats. This is a great way to set the tone for what lies ahead. Be it lively folky sing-along tunes or romantic classical music performed by our string quartet.
  • The Procession - Choose the songs that you want played as the family members walk down the aisle, and finally the song you want played to set the scene for the incredibly emotional moment as you walk in to meet your partners gaze
  • Ceremony Music - Often songs are played during the ceremony that are of significance to you and your families or of religious significance
  • The Recessional - With the official part of the ceremony completed, it's time to play some uplifting celebratory music to walk back down the aisle together as a newly married couple!
  • After the Ceremony - Time to celebrate and get the party started with some party music!


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