covers band

When it comes to choosing the best live music party entertainers you should focus on those that know how to transform their concept of the real artiste or group successfully in performance to the extent that you could actually be watching and listening to the real thing.

Take for example a covers band that recreates of the sounds of the 80’s. Have you ever attended an event where a particular group entertained people exactly as the Jackson 5? How did it feel seeing the young Michael Jackson mimicked as though he was performing live in front of your eyes? It really can be one can be one of the best experiences ever at a private function you organise yourself or attend as a guest. It is very important to understand the concept of an 80’s covers band and why they get hired in the first place, or indeed for any era covers bands, from 50’s rock’n’roll to 90’s house music.

Key songs the group chooses

A talented covers band would fit in at all kinds of events including corporate parties, wedding ceremonies and so on. These bands are hired perform various key songs that the group chooses in advance but would be prepared to take requests from guests if given enough notice. The band comes equipped with its own relevant music but cover bands, by their nature, do differ greatly from bands from the original artistes. They have an obligation to change the vocals, tempo as well as the style of the songs.

Take a covers band that play Abba songs. They have to change the tempo resonance along with other music related devices to give that Abba feel to the performance but also impress themselves in the renditions. Cover bands undoubtedly remain popular for private function entertainment, whether it’s the traditional classical style that’s destined to fill the room with joy and harmony or a pounding modern rock beat to get everyone up and doing their thing.

Singer’s vocal range

Those who play in a covers band knows that choosing songs isn’t always as simple as selecting the ones that you think your guest audience would like. There are variables to consider, like knowing the main singer’s vocal range and band mates’ skills levels in public performance. What works in rehearsal doesn’t always work live.

The most popular routes to consider for a live band are twofold. Are they wanting to play chart hits, performing a broad range of popular music or, secondly, going out there as a tribute or covers band – focusing on the material of one artiste or group. Most people like to have fun with a covers band providing the entertainment, so band members keep that in mind when choosing songs.

Covers band takes in all music styles

A covers band range should be comprehensive, taking in all types of music styles – pop, rock, jazz and disco songs – from either a particular decade or a certain musician or band. The strength of such bands is in playing hit music and songs written by recognised chart bands and performers and then mastering that sound. This is something SensationBand excels at. Their musicians have played with some of the biggest pop names around – Lily Allen, Mark Ronson, Tao Cruz, Incognito, as well as a host of other pop stars who have performed on worldwide stages.

Premium talents of SensationBand

Premium talents such versatile musicians in SensationBand bring to each and every event as a covers band has to be a winner for a successful celebration. To discover their talent and those of other top class live music entertainment, just go online and type ‘covers band London’ in your Google search engine. The results should eventually lead you to making that perfect choice for your event.