Dance bands

Dance bands should have one aim, and one aim only, at your gig. That is to get every single person on their feet and ripping up the dance floor. Who will forget your birthday party, wedding day or Christmas party if they don’t sit down all night! Now all you have to do is find the right band!

Choosing dance bands is not easy!

People can spend a great deal of time choosing dance bands that are suitable for their special occasion. After all, it is not a free choice! You will have to bear in mind your:

  • Budget – live music comes at a price
  • Venue – a 19 piece band will not fit into a tiny back room at your local pub
  • Guest list – you will need a setlist that will appeal to all of your guests
  • Quality – no-one wants to hear a poor quality performance

If you are not a musician, and you have never been involved in choosing dance bands before, this can turn into a daunting task.

Getting what you want

Start by creating a list of what you want from your band. What kind of atmosphere do you want to create at your gig? What type of music do you want them to play? How many vocalists, if any, do you want?

The Sensation Band is highly skilled at helping our clients to create the prefect musical backdrop for their party, celebration or event. We can work with you to choose an appropriate setlist from our vast repertoire and then suggest the most appropriate line up to deliver it. We will bear in mind your venue, your guest list and your budget at all times but you may be very pleasantly surprised by what good value for money live music can provide.

On the day – leave it to us

Months of meticulous preparation are behind you and now you deserve to enjoy yourself so just leave the entertainment to us.  We will provide our own sound engineer who will organise the rehearsal and sound check to maximise the sound quality at your chosen venue. Then they will be on hand throughout the show to ensure the quality of the performance right through to the last note.

Stand back and feel the energy in the room ramp up as our musicians and vocalists take to the stage, looking as good as they sound. The delivery of the highly interactive, super-tight performance will have every guest putting down their drinks and heading for the dance floor.

Good live music demands all of your senses and you feel it as much as you hear it. Give your guests a musical experience that they will be talking about right up until you organise the next event!

Dance bands should be unforgettable, not unremarkable. Get a super-tight, high-energy delivery of a bespoke repertoire by the Sensation Band for your event.