DJ in London

Almost all of us, especially in the younger age bracket, enjoy going to gigs where there is a great, audience-interactive DJ hosting the event. Essentially a great party DJ needs to have a vast knowledge of all kinds of music and adapt quickly in real time situations.

To do this well a private social event DJ in London, say, preferably needs years of experience having performed at all kinds of gatherings including wedding receptions, birthdays, theme nights, corporate black-tie functions, kids discos and for any other occasion to celebrate where a DJ fits the bill for non-stop guest entertainment. To get everyone up on the dance floor he needs to have the perfect mobile disco sound system and a light show to help create the right ambience.

Top function DJ in London

The most important factor of a successful DJ’d event is the personality of the DJ and the music he plays. To be a top function DJ in London takes years of experience performing at all kinds of social occasions and private celebrations. He has to have the ability to ‘read’ a crowd and know what kinds of music to play to best match the likes of guests.

So many people make the mistake that anyone can DJ. Surely it’s just a matter of playing any records in any order and once people have had a few drinks the party will be a great success? Wrong. In fact, that’s a bit like saying anyone can pick up a paint brush and create a work of art. A professional DJ in London will be able to react to the changing mood of the audience and select a music mix to build up the party atmosphere to a crescendo where everyone – even gran – gets involved.

Most popular dance classics and chart hits

The excitement should peak towards the end of the ‘do’ and it’s often the case that the DJ will save the best and most popular dance classics and chart hits until last. But, as part of knowing his trade, he has to take in certain factors – such as if it’s a party on a Sunday, when nearly everyone will have work the next day, or a family gathering with parents of young children, people may have go home early. The DJ in London needs to appreciate all this and aim to peak the evening earlier when appropriate. After all, there’s no point in playing all the best stuff after most people have gone home.

A personable and fun DJ needs to know how to handle a microphone. Certainly never babble on for the sake of hearing his own voice. It’s a huge turn off, boring and that’s not what he’s being paid for. But clever, amusing, informative, opportune and friendly brief vocalisations to an audience will go down well. The odd jibe at someone on the dance floor may get a few laughs but it should never be nasty or malicious and be complicit with the guests involved themselves.

DJ there to look after guests

He may also, as your host by proxy, need to make announcements when things may be getting slightly out of control in certain quarters to nip and horseplay in the bud, but diplomatically so.  He’s there to look after your guests while you’re enjoying yourself and ensure everyone’s well-being. In effect, an experienced DJ in London will know how to project a clear message so everyone understands but will never utter a word that is not justified.

Of course all DJs, even those at the top of their profession, will make mistakes from time to time, especially those still learning the tricks of the trade. Every DJ in London has got to learn sometime but even if it costs guest nothing to be there, most people would regret letting an inexperience DJ practice during what is a special, paid-for occasion.

Live bands more expensive than DJ’s

Live bands are more expensive than hiring a DJ in London – depending on reputation of course. It’s simply a matter of more people to be paid and the band will comprise professional musicians and singers with a certain price tag. One of London’s favourites for all kinds of private functions is the multi-talented SensationBand. They are dedicated to ensuring that every event leaves guests wanting more. They play stunning renditions of the most popular covers ranging from chart hits of the 1960’s all the way through to an extensive repertoire of the current big hits. The SensationBand – whose members have played with some of the top names in the music business like the late Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen – guarantee to fill the dance floors every time they play.

The SensationBand outfit could well be the answer to your wedding entertainment prayers when it comes to hiring a DJ in London for your special event. They can feature both musicians and DJ’s. The band size can range from a DJ Live package – that’s a DJ in London with two musicians – right up to a 15-member band incorporating a stunning strings section for a real long lasting and memorable impression.