Bring some flair to the dancefloor

We are lucky enough to play at some of the world's best luxury events. Our clients often ask us to supply dancers to complement the band. We are able to offer all kinds of dance acts. We bring flair to the dance floor. Our dancers are the heartbeat of extraordinary events. Choose from our diverse repertoire:

  • Podium Dancers: Captivating, energetic performers who command the stage with grace and synchronization
  • Hip Hop Dancers: Urban energy meets style and rhythm, electrifying the atmosphere
  • Break Dancers: Gravity-defying moves and acrobatic skills that leave audiences in awe
  • Dance Leaders: Experts in guiding and inspiring others, creating an infectious energy that unites the crowd
  • Israeli Dance Leaders: Celebrate Israeli culture with traditional and contemporary dance
  • Jewish Bottle Dancers: Lively performers who bring joy and tradition to Jewish celebrations
  • Themed Dancers: Seamlessly blend into any theme, from showgirls to ballroom dancer.
  • Burlesque Show: Sensual and glamorous performances that captivate with allure and charm
  • Experience the power of dance to transcend boundaries and create lasting memories. Let our talented dancers bring magic to your event. Explore our range of acts and let's create an unforgettable dance experience together!


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