ROAMIN Experiential DJ

You've seen Dj Live before...

DJ Live is a concept that centres around a DJ accompanied by live musicians. The DJ is able to read the room and play to the crowd to get the party started. But what if the DJ was able to play in the crowd...exactly our thoughts.

introducing ROAMin experiential DJ

ROAMIN DJ combines the best elements of DJ Live; playing the right tunes, performing mashups on the go, playing an unlimited variety of music, but there's a twist. Our DJ booth is entirely wireless, meaning that he can come out onto the dancefloor, amongst your crowd and take the party to a whole new level. This is interaction like you've never seen before.

We usually suggest elevating the experience with a saxophonist and percussion, and yes, they're also completely wireless. Have your friends play on the bongos, show us their best moves, and give the DJ booth a twirl. It doesn't have to just stop at 3...why not add an electric violin, a trumpet, a sousaphone and more!

Their LED custom suits dance along to the tracks and mirror the lighting pattern of our fully bespoke DJ booth. By adding matching titan sticks to your backdrop, you have a fully immersive product that creates an unmatched party atmosphere.



ROAMIN DJ with a percussion and a saxophone accompaniment - Custom LED suits and a custom mobile DJ booth!

Sensation Band DJ Live package starts with DJ and percussion and you can add vocalists, sax, trumpet, keys, electric violin, electric guitar, strings and more. It is tailored to your event to give you exactly what you want all the way up to a 15 piece band and beyond. We can also add dancers, fire-breathers, aerial artists, acrobats, break dancers even beatboxers to really make your party stand out.

ROAMIN EXPERIENTIAL for Sophie's Batmitzvah


Highlights of Sophie's Batmitzvah party at The Engine Rooms, Finchley, London. Video by:


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If you want to do something a bit different to make your party stand out, ROAMIN DJ works incredibly well. It is a brand new concept that is guaranteed to have all of your guests talking. It appeals to all ages, and especially a younger audience who enjoy being a part of the action. Tell us your favourite genres, artists, songs, and watch this come to life. If you feel that a traditional function band set up is not to taste and you're bored by the classic DJ Live proposition, ROAMIN DJ is the perfect alternative.


Our 100% client satisfaction record is no coincidence, we take the business of parties and enjoyment very seriously! The secret of guaranteeing a great party is all in the preparation. Whilst other bands may treat the DJ live concept as a freestyle jamming session with function band musicians playing along to whatever tracks the DJ plays we take a whole different approach. Using only Sensation Band's globally acclaimed artists from the world's biggest bands our sets are carefully planned, rehearsed and executed resulting in a slick highly polished performance. Sounds expensive? Think again. We pride ourselves on providing the best value in the market. We guarantee that no other band comes close to providing what we do for the money