Hire musicians

When you hire musicians for your special occasion you are hiring the professional that can make or break your event. Remember that your guests will be using all of their senses to judge your party so it has to look good, taste good and smell good! Get the music right and it will feel good and sound good as well and this is what people will remember.

The easy way to hire musicians

You have made a great decision in choosing live music for your special event. Live musicians and vocalists will bring an authenticity and warmth to your celebration that pre-recorded music simply cannot do. After all, it’s not hard to hire musicians these days – you simply look them up on-line right? Wrong!

There is a lot more to hiring musicians than just punching a few terms into a search engine. Start by compiling a list of what you want:

  • The sort of music that you want them to perform – this will, to some extent, be dictated by your guest list, culture and occasion
  • The size of your venue and availability of electricity (e.g will an outside gig have a power supply available?)
  • What do you want them to look like – informal or formal
  • How long do you want them to play for?
  • What are your favourite instruments?
  • Do you want a vocalist?

The Sensation Band will be happy to discuss these issues with you so that you can decide on exactly what is right for you.

Planning your event

A musician or live band will be the focal point of your event – live music has that effect on people. If you are providing live musicians they have got to be better than good – they have got to be outstanding. Your guests will respond to and interact with a live music band so you need one that will respond back! The Sensation Band delivers a highly interactive, high energy performance that will have guests leaving their drinks behind on the bar and moving towards the stage.

The polished, super-tight performance is captivating and further enhanced by our state of the art sound equipment that is installed and maintained all night by our own sound technician who accompanies us to every gig. He or she will adjust everything during the sound check to maximise the quality of the music experience in your venue.

Because you are fully in control of the setlist – you will never be disappointed by the music on the night. You can just hit the dance floor like everyone else!

When you hire musicians for your special event you hire the focal point of your celebration. Sensation Band will wow your guests onto the dance floor!