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Jazz band London

If you fancy hiring in a jazz band London has so many to choose from you might be perplexed by the choice. From expert musicians to entertainment agencies, there are so many offerings for London based jazz bands, it can be impossible to make a choice.

Sensation Band believe we offer the perfect solution to your needs. We are a group of highly talented and experienced musicians with an enviable track record in creating the perfect entertainment for a wide range of events. For a jazz band London residents will really love, we think we offer the formula to get your party started.

What is jazz all about?

Jazz was created in the early 20th century, and has its roots in New Orleans in the US. Originally called Dixieland, jazz was born from the need to have music to accompany funeral parades in the black communities after the civil war. The early musicians used any musical instruments they could get their hands on, just so long as they were portable enough for a parade.

Early jazz combos usually included things like trombones, trumpets, cornets and clarinets. Backing was usually provided by banjos, sousaphones and drums. This unique musical sound soon migrated from the streets to the dance halls where its popularity spiralled, and less portable instruments such as piano and double bass started to get in on the act.

Over the years, jazz has evolved and grown into many different forms. Swing music came about in the 1930’s, and saw great hoards of musicians take to the stage. Duke Ellington’s orchestra is perhaps the most well-known band of the Swing movement, which itself gave birth to new forms of dance and socialising. Since then we have seen all sorts of jazz variations, from Big Band to the Rat Pack and the less accessible forms of modern jazz.

We love jazz because we know audiences love it too. Jazz has the ability to cross the gaps of age, culture and geography and has a simply timeless appeal that makes it perfect for all manner of situations.

What to think about before hiring a jazz band in London

We can provide a jazz band that is tailored to your requirements. If you need help in deciding on the size, style and instruments in your jazz ensemble, talk to us about your needs. As well as personal preference, you’ll need to think about practicalities, such as:

  • How big is your venue?
  • How big is the performance area or stage?
  • What are the ages / demographics of the people attending?
  • Do you want music for dancing to, listening to or in the background?
  • How long will you want the musicians to play for?

Once you know the answers to at least some of these questions, we’ll be able to guide you in putting together your perfect jazz band from the Sensation Band stable. Contact us today for advice on your perfect party entertainment.