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Jazz bands for hire

The basis of jazz music is found in European harmonies, mixed with African musical elements and American popular songs. As it spread around the world, it was altered in different countries, each having their own version.  Over the years it has been given different names as well, sometimes being referred to as ragtime, or syncopation. Over 100 years of changes prompted the famous trombonist, J. J. Johnson, to comment, “ Jazz is restless. It won’t stay put and it never will”

These days, jazz has so many components it is difficult to define its make up, but with good jazz bands for hire often it includes swing, improvisation, blues and no fear of trying something new.

Good jazz bands for hire are a mixture of it all

Good jazz bans for hire will be accomplished in all the different elements of jazz music, and they have wonderful examples to learn from.  The likes of Louis Armstrong, Earl Hines, Count Basie, Kenny Ball and Duke Ellington to name just a few of the famous jazz singers from past eras.

In the late 1960’s a new kind of jazz emerged, called jazz fusion.  This earned its name because it was a fusion between rock and jazz, and many think it came about when artists such as Jimi Hendrix and James Brown, got more adventurous with rock music and started to mix it with some of the components of jazz.

Traditional or modern when you are looking for jazz bands for hire

When you are considering the music for your function, and thinking of looking at jazz bands for hire, it is worth deciding if you want traditional or modern jazz, or a mixture of both.  As far as the Sensation Band are concerned, it doesn’t matter to much as they will discuss all this with you and they will be able to give an excellent performance of whichever you prefer.

In fact, all the shows they perform are outstanding, and you would expect no more from a band made up of some of the most talented musicians and singers in the UK. They are all professionals who have worked together on countless occasions, and in their own right, work with some of the biggest names in the music world.

This is in addition to having one of the most sought after musical directors at the helm, always making sure each and every show is honed to perfection.  Top-notch sound equipment, and a sound engineer present at every gig also help to ensure that the standard could not be any higher.

Whether you choose jazz, a tribute band, a salsa band, a klezmer band or any other type of band, the Sensation Band can accommodate all tastes.  But more than that, your guests will be thrilled at the performance they see from these dedicated musicians and vocalists who just all really enjoy what they do and love to party.