Jewish band

Finding the right Jewish band

Whatever kind of event you are holding, for whatever occasion, you will want to ensure it has the right musical accompaniment. Music is as important to an occasion as the lighting, the guests, the food and everything else that goes with it. Imagine watching your favourite movie without the soundtrack; we’d hazard a guess it wouldn’t be your favourite movie for long. The same can be said if you want your loved ones, family and friends to have memories of a special occasion. For special festivals, you will want a Jewish band that can create the right ambience and that is where Sensation Band comes in.

Musically you want a band that gels and performs well together on stage. Anything else is less than perfection when it comes to the human ear. Even as just a casual music listener, you will be able to hear flat notes, off-key pitch changes and fluctuating tempos that cause even the most hardened party dance to stutter. Not us though, Sensation Band work well and play well together as the UK’s best party band. If you don’t believe us its official, we are the official party band of the UK 2014 & 2015.

If you need a Jewish band for Barmitzvahs, Batmitzvahs or weddings, then you’ve come to the right corner of the internet. Here we are, the Sensation Band, on our own website where you can check out what we sound like and what we look like. Go on, you know you want to. While you are here, read on to find out what else we can offer you as the UK’s best party band.

The perfect accompaniment

Sometimes when you listen to music you don’t realise just how much goes into making it happen. Getting that sound to come from instrument to ear isn’t as easy as it sounds. Sensation Band however is proud to say that we make it look, and sound, that easy. We are a band of professional musicians and singers with too many miles around the world to count. We’ve performed with some of the biggest names ever to commit music to vinyl, cassette and CD. Tom Jones, Robbie Williams, Adele, Blur, Basement Jaxx; we could go on but we would run out of space. As a band we have travelled around the world to perform at a whole host of occasions:

  • Barmitzvahs
  • Batmitzvahs
  • Wedding parties
  • Birthday gatherings
  • Corporate events
  • Engagement parties
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Simcha

Music is only part of the event experience we can offer you. Our events and production team based in London can take the worry and stress out of organising your event. Let’s face it; while no one wants to admit to it, ensuring the perfect occasion goes without a hitch can sometimes lead to the odd sleepless night. Why endure pacing the floor at 3am wondering if the caterers will arrive on time when we can do it all for you.

Call Sensation Band today

Every part of your day is taken care of. Finding the location, arranging the marquee, stage and dance floor facilities, catering, right through to place settings and security (our music is so good everyone wants in!). Since 2008, we have been organising and producing events the world over and making sure that they have gone without a hitch. You can read just a sample of our reviews here.

If we have whetted your appetite and you would like to more about the UK’s best party band, and our events production services, why not give us a call today on 0208 123 4851. Or you can contact us by using the contact form that can be found here. Please remember if you are using our contact form to give as much information about your event as possible including the all important date. It is important we know when your event is going to take place so we aren’t double-booked!