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Songs like Hava Nagila and Shalom Aleichem have become traditional in their rendition at Jewish weddings but more and more live bands catering for such events have learned that an extended repertoire of songs and Simcha music are necessary for successful hirings.

More and more bands have been rehearsing Israeli celebratory music which has allowed them to perform as recognised Jewish wedding bands, particularly in London and other UK cities and larger conurbations.

The Hora ‘chair’ dance

The Hora, for example, is a popular dance form which is performed at practically every Jewish wedding. It’s a very lively and joyous part of the wedding day and during the dance the bride and the groom are lifted above the shoulders of guests while seated on chairs. The couple wave a handkerchief or napkin at each other or even hold the ends of a single handkerchief in a daring gesture.

In the Hora a wide circle of guests form around the newly-weds, dancing first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Perhaps not surprisingly, the dance is also often referred to as ‘the chair dance.’ Jewish wedding bands booked for such occasions should not only know how to perform the music and vocals for the Hora dance but have enough enough repertoire to keep the dancing going for a significant amount of time – usually until the guests get to tired to carry on. This can be from five to 20 minutes and the music is ideally played in medley form so that the dancing is constant without breaks between songs.

Dance medleys by Jewish wedding bands

‘Standard’ Hora medleys for example, performed by Jewish wedding bands, comprise a number of traditional faith tunes, played either instrumentally, with vocals – in Hebrew of course – or a mixture of the two. The following are well known Jewish-Israeli songs which should be in the repertoire of all competent Jewish wedding bands and destined to make every Hora sizzle with excitement:

Hava Nagila

Shalom Aleichem

Tzena Tzena

Mayim Mayim

Odessa Bulgarish

Oseh Shalom

Siman Tov U’Mazel Tov

Chosen Kale Mazel Tov

Moshiach Moshiach Moshiach


Gesher Tsar Meod


Smaller band for the Chuppah

A good Simcha band will not only be able to provide great party music for dancing later in the evening but will also offer a fantastic 20 minute medley of traditional Jewish dancing songs for the Hora and the ability to provide a smaller experienced band for the Chuppah – or marriage – ceremony.

Jewish wedding bands entertainment in London is provided by the capital’s own SensationBand. The ever versatile musicians and vocalists which make up SensationBand are ever popular with the Barmitzvah and Batmitzvahs crowd in the London, playing all the favourites among the modern Jewish community from Hava Nagila to Gesher Tsar Meod. The young, fresh look and feel of the band has a huge appeal and SensationBand offers a selection of high-energy sets of Simcha music to really stimulate the guests in Hora dancing. For Jewish wedding bands entertainment SensationBand comes out tops in testimonials from past clients.

All of SensationBand members understand the traditional aspects involved in London Jewish wedding celebrations and strive to make the whole day a perfectly memorable occasion.