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jewish wedding ceremony music

Dancing recognisably forms a huge part of a Jewish wedding. Couples should encourage guests to participate, even if they’re not themselves Jewish or are youngsters learning the traditions as they go along.

Your wedding day is a time of celebration and spirituality, and the participation of your guests is part of what will make it memorable throughout the rest of your life.

Jewish wedding ceremony music is an integral part of this and if your friends and guests know what to expect by way of live entertainment, they’ll be more likely to participate. Teach your friends how to pronounce toasts and when it’s appropriate to join in.

Music and the Jewish faith

In the Jewish faith, as far back as King David, all religious ceremonies were accompanied by music. During the first temple, psalms were composed and sung, the precursor of modern Jewish music. By the time of the second temple, the order of which the psalms would be chanted at which service became firmly established. Today, in synagogues are the roles of Cantor, also known as the Hazzan, the musical head leading the congregation with prayers in song.

Little wonder then that Jewish wedding ceremony music is central to the religious experience. Processional wedding music accompanies the bride who is regarded as a queen, the groom a king. When a ‘the queen’ enters the marriage venue music plays to her regal steps and it sets the tone for the romantic, joyous celebration the marriage ceremony is destined to be. The Jewish music heritage has always been a part of the people wherever they travelled and, as in marriage, tells a story which accompanies a specific moment in life’s journey. Think of it as when we hear a music selection from a particular film we know and love – we then suddenly remember that particular scene.

Modern dance in Jewish wedding ceremony music

But modern dance has grafted itself into the traditional of Jewish wedding ceremony music steps on the floor. A long-time favourite in recent years has been Hava Nagila, probably the most popular of Jewish wedding song and one that usually accompanies the Hora dance. However, there are those who feel this classic is now becoming a cliché – a bit too old-fashioned to play at Jewish weddings these days. Young gymnast Aly Raisman obviously didn’t think so in the London 2012 Olympics as she performed her gold winning floor routine to the tune of Hava Nagila.

It’s likely to be some time yet before this dance song classic is elbowed out of Jewish wedding ceremony music and rather than see its demise completely, younger Jewish couples have opted for a more techno version of Hava Nagila at their weddings. Hava Nagila and many other Jewish Hora favourites form part of London SensationBand’s versatile repertoire in Jewish wedding ceremony music.

SensationBand popular with London Yiddish community

The professional musicians and singers in SensationBand are ever popular with the Barmitzvah and Batmitzvahs crowd in the capital, and across the UK, playing all the favourites among the modern Yiddish community. The young, fresh look and feel of the band has a huge appeal and SensationBand plays Simcha music to really hype up traditional Israeli dancing, so much an important part of Jewish wedding ceremony music. In searching for the right band for your Jewish wedding in the capital, go online and Google ‘Jewish wedding ceremony music London’ and you’ll find SensationBand up there at the top of London’s Jewish wedding bands.