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Klezmer band in London

Klezmer music is the traditional music of the Jews of Eastern Europe, heavily influenced by the music of Romania and it originally consisted of dances tunes and instrumentals for weddings, and then was used in other events as well.

Many liken it to human emotions because of the expressiveness of its style, the laughter and crying that is part of the music.  Its roots can be traced back to the 1880’s, and in the USA there was a revival of it pleasures in the 1970’s.

It has been popular ever since a second revival in the 1980’s, which was much wider spread than just America.  Although it is traditionally instrumental, at weddings particularly, if you hire a Klezmer band in London, a wedding singer will usually accompany them.

Will you be able to find a Klezmer band in London?

Finding a klezmer band in London is not difficult.  If you put Klezmer band in London into your Internet search engine several of them will appear, and at the top of the list is the Sensation Band. They are one of the most popular bands in London, and for your wedding can offer:

  • Beautiful music as a backdrop to the ceremony
  • A stunning string quartet for a romantic touch
  • Easy listening music as a background while your guests eat their meal
  • A fantastic show to follow. Whatever type of music you have chosen the Sensation Band will be able to produce a performance to thrill everyone and to ensure that your guests remember your wedding day with only pleasant thoughts.  We are renowned for using some of the most talented artistes in the UK, and you will have no doubt of this when see the production, tailor made especially for you.

You will not find a better Klezmer band in London, not just for the great performances, but also for their treatment of the client from the very start of the booking process.

From day one, they will be helpful and friendly, ready and willing to assist you to plan the perfect musical entertainment for your special occasion.  They want the whole thing you run as smoothly as you do, and to create a wonderful atmosphere from the very beginning of the show.

These versatile, professional musicians love music of all types, and for them performing is a pure joy.  Their dedication to helping everyone else enjoy the music is obvious from the enthusiasm they play and sing with.

Making sure they are free for your event

Booking early is important.  Most weddings are booked many months in advance anyway, so booking the live band is something else that should be dealt with. At least six months before the special event is ideal, longer if you can.

Leaving it too late could mean you have to make do with a lesser quality band, and after everything else has been so perfect, the last thing you want is a klezmer band that is not the best.