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Live band for your wedding

The music that you choose for your wedding celebrations will set the tone for the whole day. Imagine that you are watching your favourite film – now imagine watching it with no soundtrack! The music that you choose for your wedding is the backdrop to the whole occasion and is something that your guests will remember long after they have forgotten the food, the dresses and the cars. Choose a live band for your wedding and people will still be talking about it in years to come.

Live music – feel alive

When you choose a live band for your wedding they will wake up your senses and demand your attention in a way that pre-recorded music can never do. A live band can interact with their audience, respond to the crowd and participate in the celebrations. Your guests will not just get the pleasure of hearing great music, they will see the musicians, feel the passion for the melody and sense the rhythm – no wonder so many people end up tapping their toes or heading to the dance floor.

Choosing a live band for your wedding

You need a band that looks great as they deliver a prefect music set. We understand that you will not want to compromise on quality and so the Sensation Band uses cutting edge technology and sound equipment to deliver a professional performance – every time. Our sound engineers will be on hand throughout the gig to make sure that it all runs smoothly and the sound quality is superb.

Our incredible vocalists and musicians (many of whom are world class) will deliver the tightest and most polished of performances to give you a day that you will never forget.

You are in control

We will not dictate the repertoire that we deliver at your special day. The Sensation Band will take the time to work with you on your choice of music – romantic, sophisticated, lively, traditional or cutting edge. We can make suggestions based on our vast repertoire but we will also, more importantly, listen to you.

Based on your choices, we can recommend the best line up of musicians for your selection of music and we can supply it all. The Sensation Band can be whatever you want it to be – a string quartet, a 5 piece band or a 15 piece line up. Our musicians rehearse and preform together constantly so our sound is super-tight and super-polished.

From the ceremony to the celebration

The Sensation Band can manage the entire music programme for your whole day. We can create the atmosphere with romantic music for your ceremony, provide a background of familiar tunes to set the scene for your reception and liven things up in the evening as you all let your hair down.

We want to give you the soundtrack that you dreamed of.