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live bands for weddings

Always take a bit of expert advice before booking a live band for your wedding. There are a number of important matters to consider before taking the plunge and signing on the dotted line and it starts with doing the right research – and give yourself adequate time to do it.

The aim is of course to get the perfect set for your wedding with the least amount of hassle and of course expense. But the advice is don’t be too tight on your budget. To get the best you have to pay that extra and, after all, this is your big day and what happens on it will live in your memory and that of your friends and family guests for years to come.

Consider as many bands as possible

Without over-reaching yourself and getting confused, do consider as many live bands for weddings as possible. Naturally, there are some that are more suitable for your happy event than others. You’ll find that many bands cater for a specific style of music – soul and Motown classics for example. Some will only do a limited performance time, say two sessions of 45 minutes with a midway break. Others, mainly due to logistics and expense, will only travel to wedding venues in their own geographic area, say London and the immediate Home Counties.

Testimonials for live bands for weddings

Look at the individual customer testimonials for live bands for weddings, which you’ll often find in their publicity materials. Their flyers and on the band’s website. If they’re at all in the top quality bracket, a band will have an attractive and information-packed website with audio and visual samples, including performance recordings.

If all of these come up to scratch, you can usually trust your instincts provided that the package they offer covers everything you need. Do read the small print and make sure everything confirmed aurally is put in writing. If it’s not, you may not have any comeback should the faith you placed in the band turn sour on the day and they don’t live up to your expectations.

Be cautious of cheap quotes

Be a bit cautious when live bands for weddings provide you a very cheap quote. Either they’re desperate for the gig, which is a bit worrying in itself, or they’re being a bit sneaky and all they intend to charge is not included. Things like the cost of hiring PA and lighting systems should be included, so too the band’s travel expenses to your wedding reception venue. You could get a shock when they present you with a final bill at the end of the day if you don’t get that ‘all in’ quote upfront.

Having got it, don’t let them be cheeky in asking for a full payment upfront. If you do, they might subsequently get a better offer to play elsewhere on your big day. You could then be left in the lurch at the last minute and find yourself fighting to get your cash back.

Ask all the right questions

Ask the right questions. A band may advertise itself as ‘live bands for weddings London’ but they may actually be based in Portsmouth! Will the band take requests? Will they carry out your requirements as stated or say they will then go on to make excuses to wriggle out of certain obligations? It’s a sad fact that couples just weeks or even days before their marriage get let down by less ethical live bands for weddings who pull out on them.