Live Bands

Live music really is the best possible choice to provide entertainment for guests on your big day. Energetic live bands can affect the entire atmosphere of a party environment to great result.

The right course of action needed to hire live bands and to know at the end of the day that you hired the right one is a bit of a challenge from the outset to your organisational abilities. The best way to go about things – and probably the easiest and most informative means of doing so – is by searching on the Internet. It may be the World Wide Web, but keep the quest local to the wedding venue.

Word of mouth on live bands

Many live bands have their own websites as well as a presence on social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Word of mouth is also important, so if you know of anyone who has hired a live band recently for a wedding or other private function, get a recommendation from them.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to two or three bands that could fit the bill, make sure you listen to their music by attending one of their live performances, get one of their sample CDs or DVDs sent to you and take a look and listen to the video clips and sound bites on their website. Here you’ll also be able to see details of their music and vocals repertoire and those all important testimonials and accolades from previous clients.

Professional in approach

Be professional and reflexive in your research of appropriate live bands for your particular booking. If you’re professional in your approach, they should be too. That first contact is also important. Did the band you’re interested in take a long time to get back to you? Were you impressed by the way their representative handled the conversation in his phone call? Importantly, be very clear on costs, what you’re actually getting for your money and rule out any hidden extras. Pardon the pun, but you want one all-singing, all-dancing quote for your event, and that’s it. Nothing else.

Get the all the details in writing – schedules, play timings, band composition details, the equipment needed and so on. If they are coming from outside your area, expect travel and subsistence costs for the journey to be factored into the price, which will of course be higher than if they operated locally. Overall, where there is a lot of communication between you and the band, you can probably rest assured that everything will run smoothly up to and on the big day.

London’s top live music outfits

Quality of performance and a wholly-varied sets list is assured by one of London’s top live music outfits the SensationBand. However, for the right private venue they’ll happily go anywhere, in the UK or worldwide. On the UK mainland and outside of the capital the talented professional musicians and singers in the SensationBand have appeared at private gigs in Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, West Midlands, Glasgow, Liverpool, Nottingham, Sheffield, Bristol, Brighton.

They’ll be among some of the great music groups which will appear in your Google search listings simply by typing in ‘live bands UK.’