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Live music for hire

When looking for live music for hire, you want the best. You’re on a mission to find the best band for your event, whether that be a wedding, Christmas party, Corporate event or conference, or special family do, that big coming of age party, silver, perhaps even a gold or ruby anniversary. You could even be hosting a retirement party to leave the world of work with a bang!

Why book Sensation Band for your special occasion?

The heart of our band is a super-tight core of musicians who play together all the time, even in their sleep. Only kidding, but they do form the permanent basis of the band and are always present in the line-up. From there, we can go out as a 5-piece, all the way up to a 15-piece for that big party sound.

Our musical director is a composer and producer in his own right, and contributes his wealth of experience to building and showcasing our impressive musical repertoire.  Our super-cool musicians and vocalists are full-time pros who play with global platinum-coated names in the music biz. The ‘day job” includes gigging at world-class global live events and recording sessions.  And we look good, too! Presentation on stage counts for a lot.

Live music for hire matters

It’s the aspect of your gig people remember most. The music gives your event atmosphere and sets the tone. You want your occasion to be upbeat. After all, it’s a celebration, right? You want your guests to have a great time, to fill the floor and dance the night away. When choosing your music for hire, look for quality and versatility.  Not sure what style of music you should check out? Ask us to advise, we can put together the perfect line-up and bespoke set list for your event.  We’re up there with the best and we can make your party go with a swing from start to finish. We’ll pack the dance floor and keep them dancing until the dawn comes up.

How to book Sensation Band

Complete our web form here on the site, or call us on 0208 1234 851. Not sure what you need? No worries! We’ll talk it through with you. We know what works and we can make suggestions. While you’re on our site, do take a look at our music demos and our client recommendations and reviews to help you decide. But don’t leave it too long. The best music for hire is always the busiest, and our band books up fast. Call us for a quote now.