music bands

There’s nothing like a live band to get a wedding or private party crowd elated and willing to show their prowess – even foolhardiness – on the dance floor. If it’s the newly-wed’s big day they most certainly want to see everyone enjoying themselves at the reception, from toddlers to grandparents.

A tough call maybe, but hiring professional music bands will ensure success in that quarter. They can synergise with the tone of your wedding and almost any particular event theme. Competent leaders of music bands will diplomatically play MC at the reception if you’d like him to interact with guests both seated and on the dance floor. He’ll be mindful of what sort of music the crowd likes by getting a ‘feel of the room’ and select the type of songs and music accordingly.

Excitement levels raised

This is LIVE music and the object is for you and your guests to experience and enjoy the pleasures of a performance. Excitement levels can be raised at any time – maybe from an infectious horn-section interlude or a moving and romantic solo ballad by the lead singer. Entertainment came first in a recent survey in the States where people voted the five most important elements of the wedding reception. These were:

  • Entertainment – 46 per cent  
  • Food – 25 per cent
  • Wedding reception venue – 14 per cent
  • Photography and AV recording – 6 per cent
  • Flowers and decorations – 5 per cent

Common sense in music bands hire costs

So, in popular opinion, entertainment attracted almost double votes over the importance of the wedding food. It just proves that music can make or break your big day. When it comes down to decision time, couples should never throw common sense out the window to save a few quid when hiring music bands for their wedding. People do grin and bear bad wedding receptions out of politeness to the bride and groom, but they don’t forget. A disastrous wedding will provide gossip among friends and family for years – probably more so than if everyone had a brilliant time!

Before you begin your search for music bands, you need to be honest with yourself. Do you actually want to impress your guests or simply entertain them with a human jukebox – namely, a DJ. Whatever you choose in all cases you’ll get exactly what you pay for. So remember, never treat the hiring of entertainment for your big day as you would in buying a tangible item like food or the cost of hall hire. When it comes to top entertainment and value, forget bargain shopping. The survey above shows that – in other words, two out of three guests agree that music can make or break the event.

Great function bands like SensationBand

When it comes to value for money in great function music bands, you’d do well to select an outfit like London-based SensationBand. You’ll easily find the SensationBand website on the Internet by searching ‘London music bands.’

Featuring the UK’s top musicians of the moment, individually SensationBand members play with some of the biggest music names around. As they like to put it ‘without any shameless name dropping’ these stars have included Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Mark Ronson, Incognito, Tao Cruz and many others who have played on the largest stages and the biggest music festivals around the world. Carefully selected for their versatile talents and the energy they bring to each and every performance, the SensationBand would certainly be a mind blower at your event.