soul band

Soul greats could well be the choice of songs for your wedding and perhaps appropriately so. Almost all of the soul music legends that came to be started off singing gospel music in the churches of black America and in the choirs of this places of worship they crafted their vocal careers, very often singing at community weddings.

It was the revival of historic gospel music and its merger with ‘doo-wop’ style singing which forged the beginnings of that golden period of soul music and R&B that we identify with today. Soul music’s commercialness became synonymous with black or even ‘race’ music. Its rise led the creation of channels and infrastructures run by black businessmen for black artistes. These entrepreneurs hired and trained a generation of session musicians, producers, arrangers, and songwriters whose talents specifically served the needs of black music.

Infectious beat and rhythm of soul music

The infectious beat and rhythm of soul music inevitably brought about black and white integration, as more and more whites embraced black culture as not evil or degrading – as white racists as far back as the 1920’s had tried to denounce it – but simply different. Inroads into popular music culture across the former race divide were also made by the jazz movement. This fusion helped legitimise black pop music with the white masses. A young Elvis Presley was of course a prime catalyst in all of this. Really, as far as soul singers and soul band music were concerned, the gem period for this stretched from the mid-50’s through to the 80’s and 90’s. The peak period for popularity of soul vocalists and the soul band however was really in the 60’s and 70’s, accompanied by the rise of disco dance music.

Soul band will get your party swinging

Professional musicians in a reputable soul band will get your party swinging, your guests singing at the top of their voices, and perhaps put a little love in everyone’s heart. Motown is of course at the core of soul band history and the band you book should have a repertoire that takes in all the classic hits made famous by the likes of Diana Rose and The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Four Tops, the Jackson 5, and so many others that made the name of soul great.

The soul band for your wedding reception or private party would usually consist of a 7-piece, fully live tribute type band or a smaller 3-piece vocal trio, these being perfectly designed for anywhere the client wants dancing, singing and maybe a ‘whole lotta nostalgia goin on.’

Sizzling entertainment with Soul, R&B and Funk hits

Your soul band can provide sizzling entertainment at your event, normally performing two 70-minute sets of classic Soul, R&B, and Funk hits. Usually a pro soul band will play a pre-recorded mixed playlist of in theme music during their breaks. You can also present the band with your own playlist of songs which they would be able to record for you onto disc given adequate time to do so, or you could have it ready on am MP3 players or some similar device. With soul and disco type events, besides the live soul band, some hosts also like to have a DJ to work alongside the band who could take requests all night. Obviously you would have to allow for this in your budget.