tribute bands

Themed parties and other private function, including wedding receptions, are becoming increasingly popular these days. There’s a vast selection of talented live bands out there in the UK who specialise in helping to provide that extra fun dimension in being able to meet your requirements for that particular themed event you’re organising.

Tribute bands are central to this service and you can easily get overwhelmed by the choices available, but obviously you need a plan to start with. You’ll likely ask yourself that fundamental question: ‘What sort of tribute band should I hire?’ Well, it’s all down to taste and not just yours – think of your guests. They’re likely to be varied in age and tastes so you couldn’t possibly please everyone. Or could you? Well, at least you can have a real good try!

Suggestions for tribute bands

When it comes to tribute bands, you might be mad on ABBA. However brilliant the former Swedish band’s hits are, there are those who will think them all a bit old-fashioned. Someone suggests music by The Beat as a fun alternative, but apart from Mirror in the Bathroom you’re hard pressed to think of anything else they did! And a whole event around a tribute band doing just The Beat’s songs? No, it’s not very likely. There are tribute bands however who will do sets based on ska music of the 80’s. But is it worth going out on such a limb, bearing in mind anyone under 25 may never have heard of them, let alone your gran?

Your best bet would be to go for a mainstream music theme which could encompass popular hits and maybe some mild rock. Queen tribute bands could be a good option but maybe some of their stuff might be a bit too heavy for certain guests. Yes, it’s a dilemma. With so many tribute bands to choose from, just which do you book and would you want those particular covers artistes throughout the entire social?

Are they really a live band?

Importantly, you should find out if these tribute artistes do their thing with backing tracks or are they a real live band, actually playing drums, guitars, keyboards, and so on. So many fall into the trap of hiring those who are effectively singers in a group format performing to backing tracks with maybe a few dancers thrown in for good measure. These certainly do not constitute live tribute bands by any stretch of the imagination.

Emulating the original performer

If they are good at what they do, a top tribute band will have mastered the art of emulating the actual original performer or band down to a T. Tribute bands look and sound like the real thing, but add their own certain something to the sets. Also, without having to clear out your bank account in the process, you can actually book a multi-tribute band. These are basically tribute bands that can offer a selection of styles and music genres in performance to suit your exact requirements and should keep everyone else in the room happy.