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It’s a fact that you can’t really select any run-of-the-mill band to perform at your wedding. Only professionals are really suitable for performing at such occasions, so too at more organised private parties and corporate events.

You can’t really take a pub band, say, and stick it in that scenario. They have a very different rapport with their audience largely dictated by their style, a smaller set and the environment they’re playing in. They invariably just keep to one music style and their dress code can be, well, casual and varied. A good wedding band UK based will understand that strict timing for performances and immaculate presentations are standard in any prestigious private event.

Check out Sensation Band in action here:

Wedding Party Set


Sensation Band - Playing as a 12pc Band. Covering a range of Wedding Party Tracks.



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Set and song list should please guests

It is important that the wedding band UK you choose has a set and song list to please all the guests, bearing in mind that a typical wedding and or party audience ranges in age from 5 to 80. You need a band that can cover a wide range of music material - usually from the last 60 years - whether it be rock, pop, soul, jazz, swing or any other popular genres.

Many clients who hire a wedding band UK have been totally let down by band amateurs and part-timers. While some part-time instrumentalists and singers are highly trained with a professional attitude towards private bookings, there are many who aren't  They perform more as a hobby on top of a day job, perhaps getting in front of an audience once a month for a bit of extra cash. They likely don’t rehearse too often either and play with a more ‘see what happens’ mentality. Sure, they may be cheaper but as the saying goes, you only get what you pay for.

Wedding band UK Sensation Band shines

Professional band members on the other hand will understand and respect the importance of your event, get there on time to set up and do a sound check and then go on to perform the best and varied material, ultimately to top standard and presentation. One band who shines that way is the London-based wedding band UK, Sensation Band. The members are true professionals who have worked as session musicians with big names in the music business like Amy Winehouse, Incognito and Lily Allen. Whatever the mood required at certain times during the wedding reception, Sensation Band have an extensive repertoire of - from classic ballads to high-energy dance and swing music.

The cost of a wedding band UK can vary greatly, factors affecting price including the level of their popularity and the date of your marriage. Others include how long they play and where the venue is located.  If they’re travelling from London to Edinburgh, obviously travelling and transport of both band members and equipment have to be taken into consideration.

Negotiating the 'all in' fee

Most bands perform for two hours with a break in the middle. Some provide recorded music to play through the sound system during the break, before they actually perform and even after they’re finished and are packing up, usually at no extra charge.  When negotiating on price, ask them for an ‘all in’ fee. See whether they charge VAT and ask them to itemise in print what’s included in their fee. Many bands do offer free extras so you want to make sure you get the very best value for your outlay.