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Wedding bands in the Midlands

When you are looking for wedding bands in the Midlands, you have to realise that the Midlands covers a large part of the country, and includes some of the UK’s biggest cities. Birmingham, Coventry, Derby, Nottingham and Wolverhampton are all part of the region loosely referred to as the Midlands, although officially there are now two regions, the West Midlands and the East Midlands.

The Midlands has some extremely densely populated areas, and some parts of it are very industrialised. There is also some beautiful countryside in the Midlands, places like Cannock Chase and Sutton Park are huge areas of natural beauty and wildlife.  The main difference between the various parts of the Midlands is the language. In Wolverhampton for instance there is a totally different dialect to Derby, or Nottingham and the Birmingham dialect is nothing like either them

The difficulty in finding the right wedding bands in the Midlands

The difficulty with finding the right wedding bands in the Midlands is exactly the same problems you would have if you were looking for weddings bands anywhere else in the country.  They need to be:

  • Professional artists who will make your very special day feel like the once in a life time event it is
  • Able to provide whatever sort of music you desire for your wedding reception
  • Friendly and helpful and willing to give you all the help you need in deciding exactly what sort of live show you want
  • Using only the best sound equipment and technology, and preferably have a sound engineer who will attend the event to make sure everything runs smoothly
  • Prepared to perform anywhere in the UK, or the rest of Europe

If the wedding band you are thinking of hiring are able to do all of the above, it is a start towards finding the right one for your wedding.

If they can do even more though, so much the better.  The Sensation Band can do whatever you may need to create the perfect atmosphere at your reception, and to get everyone joining in the fun.

They are not just professional musicians; they are some of the most talented in the UK and individually work with some of the biggest names in the music world.

The band has a main core of musicians who are at most events, and a backup of an endless number of other musicians and vocalists, should you want a larger ensemble.

They are all hand picked professional artistes, and if you want a string quartet or a band of 20, we would have no problems at all in achieving either. The Sensation Band members eat and breathe music, and with a highly sought after musical director who has worked worldwide, the productions are an amazing never to be forgotten experience.

That is what past clients say about us.  There are testimonials there for all to see, 100% customer satisfaction, and we could not have any better recommendation than from the clients who have already experienced our shows.