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Wedding bands in Surrey

The entertainment at your wedding reception is extremely important, and having live music will make your day even more special if you hire the right band.  The choice you have is huge, and more often these days people are opting for a theme, even getting the guests to dress to fit in with the chosen theme.

It is nothing unusual for wedding bands in Surrey, or anywhere else in the country, to be asked to provide an evenings entertainment of the Beatles music, or an 80’s night perhaps.

Wedding bands in Surrey theme suggestions

A few theme suggestions are:

  • Beatles or other band tribute, possibly an Abba night or Take That
  • 1940’s and the war years
  • International – music from around the world
  • Salsa – an evening of vibrant and lively music
  • The wild west
  • Great Gatsby –
  • Cabaret
  • Traditional Jewish music
  • Blast from the past for which ever decade is your favourite

These are just a few suggestions, there are countless themes that could be used when you are using wedding bands in Surrey for your own very special day.

Browsing wedding bands in Surrey

Browsing the Internet will bring many results if you input wedding bands in Surrey, and you need to be able to reduce the number of bands you are looking at.  Add the theme of your choice to the search and that will have the desired affect.

Then you need to consider their past performances, perhaps by watching online video demonstrations or attending a show of theirs somewhere else.  Obviously you cannot just turn up at someone else’s wedding to hear them, but most bands do not just play at weddings.

This can all take time to sort out, and you should be looking at which band to hire a long time before your wedding.  If you leave it too late your choices will be very limited, if for no other reason that good bands are booked months in advance and the cream of the crop might not be free for the date you want.

Making sure everything is in order

Once you think you may have found the performers you want, and you know they are free on the date you want, you need to look very closely at the contract you will be required to sign.  If there is no contract beware, all professional bands have them to protect you and themselves, and to stave off any misunderstandings.

The contract should include the schedule of payments and all the key points about your wedding.   This will be put into the contract after discussions with you to find out exactly what sort of reception you are after, and it is before signing this that you should let the band know if there is anything you are not happy about and want done differently.

One of the groups that will probably show on your search is the Sensation Band, professional musicians and vocalists who will provide you with a show that is guaranteed to thrill your guests, and you can be certain they will make you day even more special for you.