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Wedding entertainment band

Your wedding is a huge occasion in your life – it’s a celebration of the love and commitment between two people – and it stands to reason that when you’re planning your big day you want to find a wedding entertainment band that won’t let you down. What considerations should you make when planning your wedding party and choosing the right band for your event? Here’s some tips.

Consider the audience

When choosing the right entertainment for your big day, the first thing to consider is the audience. Will your guests all be the same age or will you have a wide range of age groups? If it is the latter, as it usually is, then you want a group who can appeal across a wide spectrum of historical musical tastes. You want to make the event as fun for your Great Aunt as it is for your teenage niece, so choose a wedding band with a wide repertoire.

Consider yourself

It’s your big day and while you may be as fond of the Birdie Song and the Time Warp as the next person, you’ll also want a more serious aspect to the entertainment. Consider your first dance for example. You will want something that is meaningful to yourself and your partner. This may well be the Road to Amarillo, and why not, but if it’s something more sophisticated you need to find a group that can handle important and meaningful songs well, and who’ll bring out the romance in even the stoniest of your relatives.

Get your relatives rocking

The worst thing that can happen at a wedding party is that everyone sits down all night and then just as they call last orders at the bar, suddenly everyone wants to hit the dance floor and shake a tail feather. You should avoid this by finding yourself a versatile wedding entertainment band who can deliver a wide range of tunes, and alter their set if your relatives are fussy about what they get up and boogie to.

Go big on delivery

Unfortunately, not every wedding band will have the quality you’re looking for, for your wedding party. Seek out a group that are professional musicians and singers and who pack a punch on stage. Leave the warbling to karaoke wannabes and hire yourself something sensational.

Sensation Band are THE wedding entertainment band you need

Taking all of these factors into consideration leaves you with one choice – Sensation Band. We are the ultimate wedding party professionals. We have a wide ranging repertoire that includes music from the sixties, through the decades, until we bring it right up to date. We have a wide appeal and we’re serious about music. We can deliver a sophisticated level of quality to this, the most important day of your life. We’re professional musicians with our own sound engineer, and we promise to get your guests up and rocking like there’s no tomorrow.

Contact us to check our availability, either through the website or on 0208 123 4851.