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Wedding jazz band

If jazz is your favourite type of music you might want a wedding jazz band for your special day. If you know of a good wedding jazz band already, then you will probably use them for your reception and not have the problem of trying to find one.

But if you do not know of one, probably the first you would do is ask friends and family for recommendations or search the Internet.

Whichever way you decide to find your wedding jazz band, there are a few questions you should be asking.

Questions to ask a wedding jazz band

  • Can you see them before making the booking? –This will help you to determine if they are the type of wedding jazz band you want, and many of them will have public performances as well as private functions.
  • Have they got liability insurance?  All bands should have this in case they or their equipment causes damage to property, or injures someone in the audience.  Ask to see their certificate of insurance.
  • Are they professional musicians and singers? You will be far happier with the end result if the band you hire are professionals, experienced in wedding reception shows as well as all other types of performances.
  • How long will they play for? This varies from band to band, some will do two one-hour sets, and others do sets of 45 minutes.  How long there are and how many sets there is something you should agree with the band beforehand.
  • Are they versatile and flexible?  No matter how good a show is planned and how well the music is prepared, there will always be guests that request a song that is special to them.  The band need to be versatile and flexible enough to cope with this, to keep your guests happy.
  • Are they reliable?  If one of the band members is taken ill just before your wedding day, will they still be able to attend, and give just as good a performance? If they cannot attend if this happened, that could be your day ruined, and if their show lacks something because a key member is missing, you will probably be disappointed with the entertainment they provide.

The answers from the Sensation Band

You are welcome to see the Sensation Band before you book them for your wedding.  There are online videos and audio tracks, we can supply you with CD’s or you could perhaps attend a rehearsal.  We will accommodate you however we can so you will know from the start that you will have an excellent show from us.

We have liability insurance and have no problems in proving that to anyone that asks.

All band members are professional, who in their own right have worked with some of the biggest names in show business, and we will play for whatever time you want us to.

As to versatility, you will find no band with more flexibility than the Sensation Band, we can handle any requests that your guests may ask of us. The band consists of several core members who play at most events, but we also have on call a huge number of other hand picked professional artistes.  We have no problems if because of unforeseen circumstances one of our members cannot be at a certain event, and the quality of our performance will not suffer because of it.