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Wedding live band

Looking for the perfect wedding live band?

Everyone loves a wedding. They take months (sometimes years!) to prepare and then on the day itself they are chock full of spontaneity and celebration, coupled with declarations of love and adoration. If you’re planning your wedding, there’s no doubt that you want as many of your friends and family to be involved as possible and you’ll want everyone to have a great time. So how can you make sure this happens.

Choosing your evening’s entertainment

Once you’ve chosen the dress and the flowers, and you’ve sorted out what everyone will be eating and who is sitting where, your thoughts will naturally turn to the evening’s entertainment. Do you opt for a wedding live band or do you hire a DJ? There are advantages in both.

If you go for a DJ, you may have a sneaking suspicion that your Uncle Kevin could have done just as good a job with his IPad and a couple of Bluetooth speakers and you would have saved some money. For sure, your DJ will have a truckload of songs on the system, but on the whole he or she will trot out the same old stuff that we’ve all heard before.

If you go for the live band option, at least you’re trying something different. There’s something more immediate about live music and you’ll fill the venue with a very different kind of energy. If you choose a live act with a great deal of experience and a large catalogue of songs, then you’ll be onto a winner. But we would say that.

Sensation Band – the best wedding live band

We’re Sensation Band and we have years of experience behind us. We’re a group of professional musicians with a huge repertoire of songs. We’ll work with you on a sophisticated and professional set list to enhance your evening. We can perform the romantic songs you need for those intimate, loving moments such as the first dance, and then we’ll turn it up and perform some fabulous dance floor fillers that you’ll love and recognise straight away. Uncle Kevin will boogie away with the best of them.

Quality first

Music is our day job – we rehearse for hours until we’re happy with each song, and what’s more, we have our own sound engineer, who mixes our music on the night so that everything sounds tight and professional. With Sensation Band, you’ll always be happy with our quality.

Check out our website for reviews of the hundreds of events and performances we’ve participated in and then get in touch to check our availability. Contact us on 0208 123 4851 and let’s chat about your big day!