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Wedding music band

Most brides and grooms start to plan their big day many months in advance and put much time and effort into making it the perfect day for them. Part of the reason they start planning so early, is so that once decisions have been made about the various aspects of the wedding they need to reserve them before someone else does.

As a general rule, the better the quality of the product or service you want, the earlier you will need to book it to make sure you do not lose out and have to make do with second best.  There are several things that can be affected in this way – the venue, the caterers, the florist, the cars, and of course the wedding music band.

Finding a wedding music band for your special day

By the time you start trying to find a wedding music band for your special day, you will have probably already decided on what type of music you want.  You also need to consider how long you want them to play for.  Most clients opt for either 2 sets of 1 hour each or 3 slightly shorter sets.  Whichever you decide, usually 2 hours of playing time is enough for most functions.

But what about before the reception, would you like:

  • Background music for the ceremony
  • Your guests to be greeted with music
  • Background music for the meal

These are other possibilities worth considering when you are planning the musical entertainment for you wedding day, and certainly things you should discuss with the wedding music band you have chosen.

Everything reflects on you

Everything to do with your wedding day reflects on you.  If any one aspect of it is not up to scratch, the guests will always remember that.  The Sensation Band want your guests to always remember the day, but for very different reasons.

We realise how important this day is, and some of the most talented musicians and vocalists from within the UK, together with a repertoire of over 200 songs, will produce a stunning and amazing show to thrill your guests.

We will need access to the venue before you all arrive so that we can set up our top-notch equipment and carry our sound checks to help us achieve the perfection we aim for.  A sound engineer is at every gig, there to make sure that the quality of sound throughout the performance does not falter in any way.

This all so wonderful so far, but add to it one of the most talented and sought after musical directors, and you know you are onto a winner.

If you use the Sensation Band for your wedding music band, we are certain that you and your guests will be enthralled by your evenings entertainment, and that it will be remembered by everyone for years to come.