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wedding music bands uk

In general, wedding bands have fixed set lists but are happy to add a few songs you request to personalise your special day. That song which means so much to the bride and groom as it holds special memories of a first meeting because it was playing in the background when the marriage proposal was made.

It’s that theme for your first dance in front of family and friends at the reception. You've probably selected them from among other wedding music bands UK because you liked the look of their set in their publicity video, their overall presentation and abilities and the versatility to say ‘yes’ to all your musical needs on your big day.

Best wedding music bands UK

The best wedding music bands UK out there should have repertoire diversity and not work to a rigid set. They should be able to play and sing you and your guests’ requests - within reason of course. The more popular and well-known numbers which were hits in the past half century. Of course, prices for booking wedding music bands UK can vary. Some bands get by with a ‘one price fits all’ philosophy while others craft each quote specifically to the exact details provided by the hosts.

Cost of hiring a band

The overall cost of hiring a wedding band is usually factored by the following:

  • How many musicians required
  • Distance travelled by the band to the wedding venue
  • The amount of music and playing time needed
  • The band’s time actually spent at the venue
  • Notice period required from the time of booking to the actual wedding date
  • National holidays and special dates - such as Christmas and New Year periods and say on or around Valentine’s Day will boost the bill
  • Total equipment required for best amplification
  • How popular and in demand the band is, and finally
  • Their musical competence - amateur, semi-professional or professional

Expert professionals

The less pro bands will of course charge lower rates than the expert professional wedding music bands UK but it’s always risky to accept. You’re likely to receive a poorer quality service, a smaller repertoire, and no contingency plans should a minor disaster strike the day before the wedding - like the lead singer does his back in. There would be none of this with the more experienced bands.

In essence, you get what you pay for. So if your band charges less than £200 per member or over £350 per member, to include equipment hire and travel costs, based on three 40 minute sets, then you should probably question why the fee is so low or so high? In effect, are you getting all that you asked for or are you being charged for services you didn't require?

Do your research

When doing your research for hiring wedding music bands UK, do look out for the dodgy poor relations in the music business. If a band hasn't been in existence for very long or they simply don’t have the music craftsmanship and sets to demonstrate to you, they’re best avoided. There can also be problems with demo material supplied. If you look on their website, they might have great audio tracks but hardly any photos or client testimonials. It could turn out that they've only been around for a couple of months and that your wedding reception could be the first time they've appeared live in front of anyone!