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Wedding Music Bands – How to Choose Your First Dance Song

Choosing the first dance song for your wedding reception can be quite daunting, but often it is down to the type of personalities you and your partner have. Some couples cannot wait to trip the light fantastic on the dance floor, and find it refreshing after the formalities of the wedding ceremony itself. Others would prefer to quite simply not bother at all. Live wedding music bands are a great choice for an evening reception, and will have been chosen because they play the right genre of music for your wedding.

So how do couples decide what song to choose for their first dance in the spotlight?

1)      A song with meaning to you both – the whole point of a first dance is to swing and sway to a song that holds special meaning to you as a couple. So take your time and think back to when you first met, as this is often when ‘our song’ appears on the radar as a hint of future love

2)      Some songs are just made for a first dance in that others can join in the dancing at certain points in the song. First the parents, then the bridesmaids, and then everyone else so that you are not the centre of attention for the full duration of the song

3)      Make sure that your song has a happy ending! Songs with lyrics that seem romantic at first can in fact be about a break-up or a tragedy, so make sure you listen well to all the lyrics before making your final decision

4)      Wedding music bands can be a good source of inspiration. If you have already chosen a live wedding band for your special day, ask them for ideas based on previous weddings. Although this does not at first appear personal to you, their ideas might help you remember an appropriate song that has been forgotten. This will also indicate that the wedding music bands are familiar with the song, and have played it previously

5)      Don’t leave it too long to make a decision – although choosing a first dance song may seem more like one of the ‘loose ends’ of organising a wedding, it is an important and poignant moment in your special evening, and will hopefully linger in your memory for all the right reasons

Wedding music bands could hold the key

So, sit down with your partner, talk about when and where you first met – maybe the clubs or parties that you attended – and draw up a shortlist of possible first dance songs. Check with your wedding music bands that they are able to play your choices, then go through the steps above to narrow down your choice to a song that you are both happy with, and that will have meaning for the rest of your lives.