wedding singer

The right entertainment is a very important part of a couple’s wedding celebrations but who or whatever you choose for the function – DJ, live band or solo singer – you’ll want to make sure you have picked the right performers.

More formal affairs tend to have small string ensemble to provide background music perhaps accompanied by the mellifluous tones of a singer, often female, to provide a truly romantic atmosphere. If you are looking to hire a wedding singer you may have memories of that endearing yet ill-fated character played by comedy actor Adam Sandler the 1998 movie The Wedding Singer. But that’s Hollywood! The reality is altogether something different.

Low cost alternative to a full band

There are quality wedding singers for hire throughout the UK who can offer a low cost alternative to hiring a full live band. To properly define a wedding singer he or she is a musician who either plays an instrument solo or with a live band or who performs to recorded backing tracks whilst also providing vocals. They provide popular covers of well-known songs at weddings and parties, suited to the host and the guests.

Be warned however. It is an area of functions entertainment that does attract a lot of amateur and semi pro vocalists who will perform more often to pre-recorded music and come across more like a pub or club karaoke style act. Something more suited to your local on a wet Thursday night in November. No, what you need in a wedding singer is a classy performer – one of the best solo or duo artistes in the UK.

Reasons for choosing small vocal acts

There are of course advantages of hiring a singer instead of a full band – obviously in numbers employed but there are also other reasons why clients sometimes choose small vocal acts over a band. Here are three of them:

  • Limited space at the wedding reception venue – solo or duo singers obviously take up less space than, say, a four or five-piece band.
  • If there are time restrictions on the use of the venue, getting a band set up and then dismantled at the end can take a while. It certainly takes less time for a solo wedding singer to get set than a full troupe of musicians. Drummers are a good example here as its true to say that your average percussionist alone takes a good half hour to set up his kit.
  • Noise restrictions at venues can be a problem. If there’s a sound limiter in place it’s often easier to control the volume on a single person or couple than on a full band, especially again with drums.

Magnificent performance from a wedding singer

A live band plus a magnificent performance from a wedding singer or two hits the right note from London-based outfit SensationBand. The Wedding Bands they put together for that big day are guaranteed to get every guest up on the dance floor. SensationBand’s incredible party sets cover favourite music and song hits from past decades as well at recent chart hits.

They can provide accompaniment or background music for the ceremony, reception background music with string quartets, dinner entertainment and lounge-type music for creating the perfect vibe. The bands size ranges from a DJ package, musicians and a solo or more wedding singer, right up to a 15-piece band featuring a superb strings section. Whatever the choice, SensationBand will make a real and lasting impression both on you and the guests.